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Meet Agnes K Varkeychen

Agnes K Varkeychen is the owner and principal lawyer of Agnes Law. Agnes has completed her graduation and post-graduation from premier law schools of India viz., National University of Advanced Legal Studies, (NUALS) and National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR). She completed her licensing process and was called to the bar of Ontario within a short period of 2 years after immigrating to Canada. She has 7 years of experience and has worked with reputed Canadian law firms including the law office of Martha Zotov and JK Law Professional Corporation. She is in her third year of Doctoral Studies (PhD) and serves as a team lecturer at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University with three prestigious scholarships to her name viz., Newton W Rowell Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Hon. William Z Estey Teaching Fellowship and York Graduate Scholarship.

As an immigrant, student and mother in a young family who has developed into a professional, she understands the challenges that individuals might face and recognizes the importance of precise, accurate and timely guidance in all aspects of life. She strives through her legal practice to provide such valuable guidance to her clients for all their legal needs.
Apart from her law practice, Agnes is highly passionate about teaching, research, supporting academic and professional pursuits of individuals.